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CutMaster 2D v1.3.3 released!

Check out the new features in version 1.3.3. The upgrade from previous versions is free for all registered users!


Raise your productivity and professional level of service using the latest optimization technology!
CutMaster 2D is a professional rectangular nesting software package. It enables you to maximize the use of material by generating the most optimized cutting layouts. It uses advanced algorithms, specially designed to optimize the cutting layouts in the panel metal, furniture, glass and similar industries.

Cutmaster2D panel cutting - main screen
Take a look at what CutMaster 2D does for you:
  • Significantly reduces panel waste and costs due to high material yield and reuse of offcuts.
  • Maximises productivity by saving time needed to create and analyze patterns.
  • Calculates edging or edge banding parameters.
  • Enables you to easily use your existing data from MS Excel or XMl files.
  • Creates a detailed report, showing a list of used panels and parts, with their dimensions and layout statistics
  • Eliminates drawing errors and drastically reduces operator mistakes
  • Saves even more time by labeling parts and marking edging type on the cutting layout
  • Provides for easy data input through the keyboard, native CutMaster 2D data files, Microsoft Excel or XML files.
Cutmaster2D screen shot - cutting pattern
CutMaster 2D works just fine with or without automated cutting equipment. You don't need to save up for a Cutting Table or Beam Saw to start saving money on your panel costs or improving your cutting productivity.
CutMaster 2D is successful layout designing software because it consistently delivers the best cutting patterns. There are cheaper panel optimisers available, and optimisers are often free with cutting tables and beam saws - but the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. An optimiser that creates sub-optimal best fit patterns will cost you money in time and materials - and quickly.

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